Crypto license in Poland

The Polish government defines virtual currency activities indeed fairly. That is one of the main explanations why more and more investors are keen on starting a crypto business in Poland.


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The main conditions for obtaining Poland crypto license


Real time



Account for settlement and cryptocurrency license

Major European banks do not accept applications to create bank accounts for crypto-companies. There is also no necessity to hold a bank settlement account in Poland. There are several options for creating accounts in payment institutions for operational as well as managerial purposes.


Annual profit

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How to get a crypto license in Poland?

Because Poland is a member of the European Union, both internal norms and policies and EU mandates apply to cryptocurrency regulation, particularly in terms of AML/CTF compliance. All shareholders and top managers must give apostilled copies of their documents. A company’s executives and directors are required to have an ideal reputation, which implies no criminal background for infractions of law against state authorities, justice, economic turnover, dealing in commodities and income; intentional financial crimes. The firm must pay the allowed capital of PLN 100 percent of the amount due at the time of its incorporation. Customer identifier and validation before entering into a commercial partnership or when a transaction surpasses a specific amount. The corporation should compile overall assessment of the utility, retain records, and store client information.

Procedure for obtaining crypto license in Poland

  • Project assessment, operation conformance examination;
  • Order to prepare of the agreement, representative body arrangement (umowa spóki), and power and influence of prosecutor;
  • Selecting the proper code of PKD activity (Polska klasyfikacja dziaalnoci);
  • Certification of a partnership firm;
  • Acquiring an encrypted computing signature and PESEL for all organization people participating;
  •  Acquiescence of an automated request to be included in the certificate of virtual currency pursuits (crypto license in Poland).